4. Cluj-Napoca International Marathon 2014

Isn’t it nice that every year, four years now, in your home city, there is a marathon? You don’t have to travel too far by car / plane, you have your friends support on the way to the finish line, people that know you, photographers that know you :)… what do you want more?


Catalin and Tudor in the race morning

Catalin and Tudor in the race morning


Member of the Marathon Relay Team Into the Lakes Park (Echipa Dintre Lacuri)

Into the Lakes Park Team (Echipa Dintre Lacuri)

Into the Lakes Park Team – Catalin Sanpetrean, Szabolcs-Istvan Gyorgy, Gábor Prezensky and Adrian Dohotaru

This year I’ve decided to make a fast race at the Cluj-Napoca marathon in order to obtain a PB for the 10000m distance and why not to mount on the podium. Together with Szabolcs-Istvan Gyorgy, Gábor Prezensky and Adrian Dohotaru we formed the Into the Lakes Park Team (Echipa Dintre Lacuri) and ran to the top of the ranking. Szabi ran first, I was second, Gabor third and Adi at the end; the initial plan was to run under 38min/10.55k, time that would give us the chance to finish in first place. Together with Gabor and Adi we mount on the podium at a local race last year and Szabi is a professional runner, so the premises were very good.

Into the Lakes Park Team on the podium

Into the Lakes Park Team on the podium

Unfortunately Gabor got injured a few days before the race and didn’t perform to its high value. Instead Szabi has surpassed its own record, running the 10.55k in 34’55”, and also me and Adi ran under 37′, finishing 3rd at 1’11” from the second team and 4’06” from the winners.

Personally, I am very pleased with my performance, I achieved the desired PB – 34’45”/10km – with 2 minutes better than my previous time! 🙂 I ran with my Asics Gel-Hyper Speed 5, last years model, that are light, with a 6mm drop, speedy trainers that I feel excellent running with. The truth is that I have exactly one month to my next competition, Vienna City Triathlon, where I doing my first triathlon (a half IM distance race), so I allowed myself the luxury to pull as hard as I could for this race. I must admit that I felt pretty good all the time and now I’m curious how much I could gain from here. With specific training, and smart as Tudor sais, I’m convinced that I can reduce some important seconds! 🙂

Catalin and his parents, Elena and Stefan

Catalin and his parents, Elena and Stefan

I’m happy that for the first time since I started running my parents, who support me and not really because of the effort I put in training and competitions, came to the stadium to cheer me up. This time they were shouting on the track “Faster! Come on!” I haven’t seen them (actually not really seen anyone, only my Garmin) but your mother’s voice you cannot miss it! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who encouraged me on the track, it really helped me a lot (I didn’t know that so many people know me…)! I also have to thank  to all the photografers who took ​​my pictures, they’re very cool! 🙂

Now that I said all the good things about the race let me also tell you what I didn’t like about this edition of our city marathon… first of all I’m quite sad to see the lack of interest for this kind of event, it should be a celebration of the city with people running and other people cheering them up – we have this saying in Cluj: “There will be a lot of water flowing down on Somes until this will happen…” – the Somesul Mic River is the main river that crosses our city.

Then I disagree with politicizing a sporting event. If Mr. Boc (the city mayor) came in a regular equipment 🙂 I cannot say the same thing about members of other parties (no matter the colour) that were dressed up just to grab some votes. I didn’t wanted to write about this, but thinking about it I really find it inappropriate. At a sporting event we are all athletes, runners – not voters.

And even if we all run for fun and we make some sacrifices, the prize that was awarded for the marathon relay seems small compared to the paid fee. Briefly 400lei (the award) – 280lei (the fee) = 120lei, divided by 4 is 30lei (less than 10$) that we went home with. Even if we registered late and we missed the lowest fee (180lei), the prize still was small. For a sports event to grow primarily is needed a generous prize fund and as many sponsors – only then there will be strong athletes that will increase the value of competition. Lets hope that things are on the right track…

Finally I want to congratulate everyone who ran their first marathon or any other race and also all those who improved their personal performance!

Into the Lakes Park

Into the Lakes Park, Cluj-Napoca East

Into the Lakes Park, Cluj-Napoca East

I chose to run for this park to make known this initiative and in the same time to make the local community aware about its importance. I believe that each one of us can find himself in this park, whether we are athletes, lovers, children or parents. Cluj- Napoca also needs green infrastructure for its inhabitants to live healthy and civilized. It is also the place where I grew up. Into the Lakes Park (or East Park) contains the largest continuous pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in Cluj, nearly 10 km, and it’s an alternative to the massive construction of buildings that will lead to the inevitable disintegration of a valuable natural recreation areas that is a true heritage of the city. The municipality is in a great shortage of green spaces with free and unlimited access, so it is necessary that the General Urban Plan, still not adopted, to provide the possibility of creating the largest park of Cluj-Napoca.

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Catalin Sanpetrean

About Catalin Sanpetrean

Catalin a alergat primul semimaraton in 2011, incercand sa-i demonstreze surorii lui ca se poate alerga si fara a avea un antrenament si un echipament potrivit. Un an mai tarziu alerga primul lui maraton. Lucrurile au evoluat si din 2013 acesta se antreneaza pentru competitii de triatlon pe distanta lunga, Ironman. In septembrie 2014 a terminat primul sau IM. Acum e de 7xIM.

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