Reasons for Intercourse Trafficking You Will Discover in Blind Eyes Opened

Reasons for Intercourse Trafficking You Will Discover in Blind Eyes Opened

Rebekah is definitely a us teenage woman with low esteem. She’s been raped. She’s lost friends. She does not be friends with her moms and dads.

So, at age 16, she moves away from her parents’ house and begins drugs that are doing. At age 17 and cash that is needing she begins working at a strip club. After that, she satisfies a handsome guy whom guarantees her a location to reside and a great amount of love.

He’s a home that is 5,000-square-foot. He’s got secretaries whom answer his phone.

“He made me feel very special, and desired, and loved – which will be the things I missed,” she claims.

Soon, however, Rebekah is trapped when you look at the world that is underground of trafficking. This woman is forced into prostitution.

The movie Blind Eyes Opened – in theaters for starters evening just, Jan. 23 – tells the storyline of Rebekah as well as others like her with what is dubbed A christian documentary that is“first-of-its-kind.” The movie interviews police officials, lawmakers, trafficking experts and ministry leaders because it reveals a dark underground industry – intercourse trafficking – that is nearer to your city than you may think.

It’s one of the better movies regarding the one and subject of the very gripping, too.

Listed below are three things learn that is you’ll

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It is Taking Place in your neighborhood

The movie takes us a number of metropolitan areas – including Tampa, Atlanta and Nashville – where intercourse trafficking is typical.

“It’s in almost every solitary community,” a specialist about them says.

Although individual trafficking can include forced work or involuntary servitude, the movie centers on typically the most popular type of trafficking into the U.S.: intercourse trafficking.

“Most people think about it as a international issue. However the the truth is we now have a major, major problem right right here in the usa inside of y our very own borders – with your own young ones,” the film’s professional producer, Geoffrey Rogers, told Crosswalk. “We would estimate over 100,000 young ones in the usa are increasingly being trafficked for sex every day that is single in our very own nation.”

The movie includes interviews with those that had been caught within the internet of intercourse trafficking but escaped.

One woman had been trafficked at age 12. Many felt that they had no option, and few had been raised in a loving, intact family members. Many victims, in reality, had been intimately abused as young ones. One woman within the movie ended up being trafficked by her daddy.

Traffickers find their victims on social media marketing but also in general public places like malls. In other cases, traffickers discover their victims when you look at the sex that is commercial, whether in strip groups or prostitution bands.

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Many victims of intercourse trafficking are girls, although 10-15 % are males. It’s estimated this one woman can brazzers actresses net her employer between $200,000 and $300,000 each year.

The typical intercourse trafficking target found myself in the device between your many years of 12 and 14. Most are runaways. Other people was raised when you look at the foster system.

“Around 60 % of young ones which can be trafficked in America emerge from the care that is foster,” Rogers told Crosswalk. “These are U.S.-born young ones, and they are being trafficked by U.S. residents being bought by U.S. residents. The foster care system could be the primary feeder.”

Traffickers are seeking girls with insecurity.

“Because she’s been growing up in a breeding ground where she did not get the best environment that is loving she doesn’t actually even know exactly exactly what real love is. She falls because of this man, mind over heels. In which he shall groom her for six to nine months. And following a particular time frame, he will flip a switch and state, ‘OK, so now you work with me personally.’”

At the same time, a number of the girls are suffering from a bond that is emotional on trauma (Stockholm syndrome) or they’re hooked on drugs – and so they don’t desire to hightail it.

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It’s Driven by the Porn Industry

Probably one of the most popular porn internet sites within the U.S. accumulated 28 billion visits just last year. Lots of women into the videos had been victims of intercourse trafficking.

What this means is, Rogers said, that porn users are feeding the intercourse trafficking industry without also once you understand it.

“We identify pornography given that No. 1 fueling factor to intercourse trafficking in the us,” Rogers stated.

It’s estimated that “over 1 / 2 of females associated with intercourse trafficking” are forced into pornography, he said.

A whole lot worse, a few of these porn addicts “then like to start to actualize whatever they’ve been visualizing,” he said.

Blind Eyes Opened is a must-see that is sobering Christians who would like to understand the truth about sex trafficking into the U.S. – and who would like to help fight it. It is perhaps not for the kids, but also for older family unit members, it sheds light on a topic that too frequently is swept under America’s social rugs.

Michael Foust is just a freelance journalist. See their web log,

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Michael Foust has covered the intersection of news and faith for twenty years. Their tales have actually starred in Baptist Press, Christianity Today, The Christian Post, The Leaf-Chronicle, the Toronto celebrity and the Knoxville News-Sentinel.


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